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About us
We worked intensively, for 1 and a half years, just to have StampBux ready for launch
We coded and designed StampBux from scratch in order to precisely fit our vision
We are constantly trying to innovate and improve your StampBux experience
We have the lowest advertising, upgrade and referral related prices in the market
We don't use fixed advertisements, because that would jeopardize our business
We offer only HUMAN referrals for rent, unlike other websites that use bots
We provide the absolute best customer support you will ever find online
You can choose to rent referrals based on a variety of criteria
You can have an UNLIMITED amount of referrals, even as a FREE member
You can auto extend your rented referrals / account upgrade validity
You can earn up to 50% LIFETIME commissions from your referrals
You can customize your advertisements with Geo Targeting