About us

StampBux is an advertising website that instantly pays its members to click & watch advertisements. It was completely built from scratch, in 1 and a half years, by Henrik Sorin and Ionut Sas, two experienced web developers from Romania that are also the owners of StampBux.

How it works

If you want to earn money on StampBux, visit the website advertisements section and click on the available advertisements. You can also recommend StampBux to other people, by going to our
affiliate program, and earn lifetime commissions of up to 50% from their StampBux activity.

If you need traffic for your websites, visit the buy human clicks section and purchase the desired amount of clicks. Afterwards, create a new advertisement, by going to your advertisements section, activate it, whenever you're good and ready, and enjoy the web traffic generated by our StampBux members.


If your account level is : Free Silver Gold Diamond
And you click a 1 sec ad, you get : $ 0.00025 $ 0.00025 $ 0.00025 $ 0.00025
And you click a 5 sec ad, you get : $ 0.0005 $ 0.0005 $ 0.0005 $ 0.0005
And you click a 30 sec ad, you get : $ 0.0025 $ 0.0025 $ 0.0025 $ 0.0025
And you click a 60 sec ad, you get : $ 0.005 $ 0.005 $ 0.005 $ 0.005

If your account level is : Free Silver Gold Diamond
And your DR / RR clicks a 1 sec ad, you get : $ 0.00005 $ 0.000075 $ 0.0001 $ 0.000125
And your DR / RR clicks a 5 sec ad, you get : $ 0.0001 $ 0.00015 $ 0.0002 $ 0.00025
And your DR / RR clicks a 30 sec ad, you get : $ 0.0005 $ 0.00075 $ 0.001 $ 0.00125
And your DR / RR clicks a 60 sec ad, you get : $ 0.001 $ 0.0015 $ 0.002 $ 0.0025

If your account level is : Free Silver Gold Diamond
And your DR buys a Silver upgrade, you get : $ 0.3 $ 0.45 $ 0.6 $ 0.75
And your DR buys a Gold upgrade, you get : $ 0.6 $ 0.9 $ 1.2 $ 1.5
And your DR buys a Diamond upgrade, you get : $ 0.9 $ 1.35 $ 1.8 $ 2.25

Why us

What makes us different from other PTC websites is the fact that we code and design StampBux ourselves instead of using prepackaged scripts or web development agencies ... we have the lowest advertising / account upgrade / referral related prices in the market ... we offer only HUMAN referrals for rent ... we give you the freedom of having UNLIMITED direct and rented referrals, even as a Free member ... we provide the most amazing program for affiliates, with LIFETIME commissions of up to 50% ... we don't have any kind of hidden fees or trick features and we don't use fixed advertisements. What fixed advertisements mean is that the PTC website in question supports these types of ads from its own pocket in order to trick people into creating accounts. And because these advertisements are not paid for by real advertisers, they turn out to be the main reason behind the downfall of that website as it grows in popularity.

Also, we don't constrain you with annoying rules like on other websites, where you are required to click a minimum number of ads 'today' to receive commissions from your referrals 'tomorrow'. We believe that you have the right to earn commissions from your referrals, even if you don't have the time or the mood to click & watch ads on a given day. Not to mention the fact that having such a rule would force us to guarantee a number of fixed ads for all our members, which would eventually endanger our business plan.

Our concept

The easiest comparison that will make you understand how StampBux works is television. You've probably noticed that almost every TV channel broadcasts advertisements from time to time. The difference between television and StampBux is that on StampBux you get paid for every advertisement that you click & watch. And the more popular StampBux becomes, in terms of total active members, the more advertisers / advertisements it will attract, thus making everybody that is a StampBux member a bit more wealthier than before.


A referral is basically another StampBux member that is connected to your account in a direct or indirect way. The direct way of having referrals is to promote your unique StampBux link / banner on other websites, forums and social media platforms. Any person coming from your unique link / banner that registers on StampBux will be your direct referral and you will earn LIFETIME commissions whenever he buys account upgrades or clicks on ads. The indirect way of having referrals is to rent them from our inventory of unreferred members and earn commissions from their clicking on ads activity only.

Earning potential

If you are a Free member with 1 direct or rented referral that makes $ 1 per month from his clicking on ads activity, then you will receive a $ 0.20 commission, because Free members earn 20% commissions. Multiply this amount by 100 and you will discover that as a Free member with just 100 direct or rented referrals you could be earning $ 20 per month from clicking on ads commissions alone.

Now, let's apply the same example to account upgrades. If you are a Free member with 1 direct referral that buys a $ 3 Silver upgrade for his account, then you will receive a $ 0.3 commission, because Free members earn 10% commissions. Multiply this amount by 100 and you will discover that, even if you are a Free member, you could be earning $ 30 from upgrade commissions alone when 100 of your direct referrals buy Silver upgrades for their accounts. Keep in mind that all the upgrades have a validity of 100 days, so your direct referrals may want to buy a similar or a superior account upgrade every 100 days, which means that you could be earning upgrade commissions over and over again.

If you want to let your imagination run wild, picture yourself as a Diamond member that has 50% clicking on ads commission, 25% account upgrades commission and more than just 100 direct or rented referrals.


Upgrading your account to Silver, Gold or Diamond requires that you pay a small amount of money in order to benefit from all the advantages they have to offer. Needless to say that if you don't want to upgrade your account, you just don't.


We know, from our own experiences, that it takes a lot of effort, time and money to promote a website these days. Accordingly, we will give you 1 direct referral and 1,000 advertisement clicks of 5 seconds duration for every 50 direct referrals that you own. On top of that, we will also give you a Diamond upgrade with 100 days of validity for every 500 direct referrals that you own. It may not be much, but this reward comes from the heart and, most importantly, it doesn't affect the stability of StampBux.


We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our 'thoughts' and to assure you of our determination towards making StampBux one of the most transparent, honest and stable PTC websites ever created.


We have witnessed how greed is taken to unprecedented levels by 99% of the PTC websites. The big ones make no exception, because they follow the same rotten concept that will someday turn them into scams. Some are already scams, but they stay online in order to continue stealing money from members that are naive enough to invest. We're talking about obvious things that should ring some serious bells inside your head if you take the time to follow the breadcrumbs. These websites still use fixed advertisements, which is the biggest 'mistake' an honest PTC website can make.

So let's assume that a PTC website offers 4 daily fixed advertisements of 1 cent each. This means that 4 cents will have to be supported by the PTC website for each member that clicks on them on a given day. Now multiply 4 cents by, let's say for the sake of this example, 10,000 members and you will get a 400 dollars per day hole.

But don't you worry about this big hole, because at the end of the day it will be partially filled with money from other scamming tricks, like renting referrals that are not even human. That's right, these rented referrals are nothing more than computer generated bots controlled entirely via some PTC script that allows the evil PTC website owner to simulate anything, from how many clicks the referral makes per day, to how many inactive ones you get when you rent them. If you doubt our statements, we encourage you to search 'PTC script' online and try the different script demos that are available for sale. You will finally know why the referrals you rent on other PTC websites have weird usernames and a strikingly similar structure.

And this is just the 'renting referrals that are not even human' part. They will continue screwing you over by charging you money when the referrals you rented and payed for expire. So you pay to rent them and you pay again to say goodbye to them. Sorry for laughing guys, but this is becoming hilariously morbid and it doesn't even stops there. We'll talk about the account upgrade prices after a short break :)

Break over, let us continue with some insanely high prices. Did you know that you can upgrade your account on some of these PTC websites for 'only' 900 dollars per year ? And that people are actually paying that much, without taking the time to analyze what's behind the curtains ? You'll see some of these people on forums, posting stuff and bragging about how well they are doing and such. But not the majority of them, no. If you take a closer look, you will find other people who post day-to-day statistics about their activity and the negative ROI that comes out of it.

The list of examples could continue, with some websites flashing you a healthy cashout fee when you try to withdraw your money, some deleting accounts without any kind of justification, some disappearing without being held responsible for the money they stole, but we risk turning this chapter into a novel, so we better stop here and let you jump to your own conclusions. Remember to keep away from PTC websites that promise to make you rich overnight, have high prices for upgrades and other features, offer non-human referrals for rent, use fixed advertisements, etc. They are ticking scam-bombs waiting to explode when you least expect it.