Buy clicks

1,000   human clicks 1% discount   $ 0.495
5,000   human clicks 5% discount   $ 2.375
10,000   human clicks 10% discount   $ 4.5
15,000   human clicks 15% discount   $ 6.375
20,000   human clicks 20% discount   $ 8
25,000   human clicks 25% discount   $ 9.375

You can assign the clicks you buy to your advertisements, according to their duration. To create a new advertisement, go to your advertisements section and click on the 'Create ad' button.

Only the StampBux members that are accessing StampBux from a desktop computer or a laptop with a native browser resolution of minimum 900 pixels wide will be able to see your advertisement.

Unlike other websites, StampBux doesn't show third-party advertisements on your advertisement page, because we believe that your advertised website deserves the viewer's full attention.

We recommend you to analyze the StampBux statistics in order to better understand and decide if the audience that we can provide for your advertisements meets your expectations.

A StampBux member can click & watch your advertisement just once in a 24 hours time frame. This means that all the human clicks made on your advertisement during this period will be counted as unique visits / visitors by your analytics.

Whenever a StampBux member watches your advertisement, he will need to keep the browser tab that contains it focused. Otherwise, the timer of your advertisement will be paused. This method will guarantee that your advertisement will actually be seen.

The website that you advertise through your advertisement will have an initial loading time of up to 10 seconds. After this period, even if the advertised website didn't fully loaded, the timer of your advertisement will start automatically.
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