Website terms

You irrevocably accept the following terms from the moment you create a StampBux account. If you do not agree or wish to comply with any of these terms, we respectfully ask you not to use our service.


You, as an individual, are allowed to have only one StampBux account. Any attempt to create more than one account will lead to the termination of all your accounts. This also applies to your payment processor email / ID, which has to be unique and not shared with others.

We will not be held responsible if another person obtains access to your account, because we took all the security measures needed to prevent that from happening. The responsibility for keeping your login details secret is entirely yours.

We reserve the right to ban your account if we discover any wrongdoings from your part or if you disrespect us. It is our belief that any kind of dispute, no matter how controversial, can and should be resolved in a respectful and timely manner.

If your account is banned, the ban reason will be displayed on your profile page and you will have 30 days to contact us and appeal our decision. After that period of time, our system will permanently and irrevocably reset your account to the default values.

The first 5,000 members that register on StampBux will receive Pioneer accounts. The Pioneer privileges will be made public after StampBux reaches 5,000 members. We do this because we don't want people to register for the sake of these privileges.


Unlike other websites that use computer generated referrals to deceive their audience, we offer for rent only human referrals, from the StampBux inventory of members who registered on StampBux without being referred by anyone.

StampBux gives you the possibility of renting referrals based on a variety of criteria meant to maximize your profit chances. You can choose to rent referrals based on their account types, their most recent login date or their most recent advertisement click.


We manually check & approve all the advertisements that are being displayed on StampBux, but assume no responsibility for the content displayed on the websites that are being advertised through these advertisements.

Your advertisements can only be viewed by StampBux members that are accessing StampBux from a desktop computer or a laptop with a native browser resolution of minimum 900 pixels wide.

You can customize you advertisements with Geo Targeting, even if you are a Free member. Age and Gender Targeting is currently in development and will be made available for all members very soon.

You are not obliged to click & watch advertisements in order to earn commissions from your referrals, but you should consider doing that on a regular basis in case you have the same expectation from your referrals.


Your chosen username will be visible on StampBux. We do not offer you the possibility, now or later, to hide your username, because we want to distinguish StampBux from other websites that use fictive users to deceive their audience.


Your chosen password is stored in an irreversible format in order to avoid even the worst case scenario - a hacking of our databases. This means that not even us, let alone some outside party, can read or decrypt your password.


To make your account even more secure, we have decided to implement a PIN as part of the login process. The password / PIN combination required when you login should prove extremely hard to break or guess by any person or program.

Deposits  &  Cashouts

We only use PayPal for deposits and cashouts at the moment, but we plan on adding more payment processors as time goes by. The next payment processor that we consider adding on StampBux is Payza - previously known as AlertPay.

We support the PayPal fee whenever you make a deposit, but we reserve the right to retain that fee from your cashout in case you make a cashout request without spending at least 50% from your deposits - not your earnings.

Because StampBux is so new, we can process cashout requests in a matter of hours. But it will usually take from 1 to 5 business days for your cashout request to be verified and sent to your PayPal address, once StampBux grows in popularity.


We use cookies to help identify and offer you the best browsing experience possible, like maintaining your logged-in status for longer periods of time and keeping track of users who register through our affiliate program as your direct referrals.


The right to privacy is a very important aspect for us, because it makes our members feel safe and protected. Accordingly, all the user informations that we store in our database will never be sold or disclosed to outside parties.